Best things to do with friends in Bangkok 2019

things to do bangkok friends

Best things to do with friends in Bangkok 2019

Finding things to do in Bangkok can be hard some time, when you have to do it with group. Here are 5 super fun and new things to do in Bangkok with your friends that everyone in your group can enjoy! #teambonding

Thai cooking class

Who doesn’t love Thai Food? Thai cuisine is very popular all over the world. Explore the flavours of Thai food by taking a cooking class! Moreover, cooking together with friends is more fun and it is a fantastic way of getting to know your friends much better. Imagine making mistakes in the kitchen and have someone to laugh with you about it and enjoy the dishes with your friends afterwards. There are plenty of cooking classes to join in Bangkok. Here is our selection Expique

Laser game

If your group like shooting stuff and getting hyped up in a dark place, then laser game is definitely an activity for your team. Get a group of friends together for the ultimate indoor battle experience using the laser technology. You compete with others using laser guns in a simulated arena that makes you feel like you’ve fallen into the world of SCI-FI.

Detective adventure

Ever want to be a Sherlock Holmes? Put yourself in detective’s shoes and discover Bangkok off the beaten tracks. GoSnoop is the first outdoor adventure detective game activity in Bangkok! This game will take you on a 2-3 hours voyage to discover the wonders of Bangkok Old Town through a puzzling LIVE game experience. Investigate and crack the riddle will be your goal. Unlock secret locations, interact with locals, and solve challenge.

Cycling the “Green Lung” of Bangkok

If you sick of the city then escape to the quaint island of Bang Krachao, the peaceful greenery in city located in Phra Pradaeng! Ride across the parkland and feel the breeze ruffle through your hair. Don’t worry about the safety, you won’t see any cars along the trails because the routes are specifically for bicycles or scooters. To get here, you need to take the boat ride to the Klong Toey Pier at Wat Klong Toey Nok Temple.

Shop Shop Shop 

Bangkok has some of the best and biggest markets in the world! Bangkok’s markets are one reason the city attracts so many visitors. You can find everything and anything from objects new and old to cheap food. So stroll through weekend market, night market, or even morning market with your friends and grab the best deals!