The most fun Activity in Bangkok You’ve Probably Never Tried Before!

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What is GoSnoop, exactly?

Experience Bangkok Old Town in a new way with GoSnoop. GoSnoop is not a traditional tour. It is a new concept to discover the best parts of Bangkok while playing a detective game and having fun! Investigate and crack the riddle will be your goal. All you need is a sharp mind and comfy shoes.

  • Number of players : 2 to 6 per team
  • Duration of the game : 3 hours
  • Price : 950 bahts
  • Location : Bangkok Old Town

THE GAMEin 4 steps

Built on a succession of puzzles using
logic, observation, manipulation and
teamwork, our game plunges you into
a true adventure where imagination
is your key to success.

Get started

Meet up in a secret location, welcome and get briefed by our game master.

Play & Pace

Take on a secret mission, solve riddles and mystery.


Find the clues, explore the city and its wonders

Be amazed

Unravel mystery, have tons of fun and be the winner.